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Posted : 2 Apr ,2015 by    Lowis A



8/8/13 Closed on loan and purchased home owners insurance (required by ZJ homes before PCM). 9/6/13 PCM (pre construction meeting) at the meeting we were told construction would start within 2 to 4 weeks. 9/12/13 Building permit received. 11/16/13 Build started: dig/gravel (this is 10 weeks after the 9/6 PCM). 11/25/13 concrete poured for footers. 12/14/13 Concrete forms set for basement. 12/23/13 Concrete walls complete. 11 WEEKS PASS. 3/17/14 Concrete floors poured. 3/28/14 Rough framing begins. 4/17/14 shingles. 4/30/14 plumbing rough in. 3 WEEKS PASS. 5/21/14 Drywall put up. 6/10/14 Tile work started (some of tile is wrong) grout chosen by McSwain Carpet (why??) grout color did not match the floor tile. McSwains solution was to stain grout. 6/17/14 sent email to ZJ homes stating we wanted grout replaced not stained after reading several reviews on stain. 6/23/14 Cabinets and trim work started, brick work started after several delays took 2 weeks for home to be bricked told by brick layer 4 to 5 day job. 7/7/14 Second coat of paint. 7/14/14 Plumbing complete (we guess??) 7/22 Home STILL NOT COMPLETE. We were told the home would be built in 3 to 6 months which is stated on their website. Our county is within their building area on their website. They do not have a disclaimer stating longer build time due to area nor were we told of any at the PCM. They give you an I Pad so you can see updates first thing the APP only works 25% of the time finally gave up calling and having to have their IT guy fix it. Second pictures are not sent weekly like they say they will do. There is a serious lack of communication with this company. We had to e mail and ask what was going on with the home and on some occasions we would not receive a reply. McSwain Carpet and ZJ Homes decided to stain our grout verses replacing like we asked when we asked why McSwain said sorry you were not included in the communication. As of today 7/22 the house is still not complete and they will not give us a completion date. On August 6 it will have been 11 months since our PCM that is 5 months more then the maximum build time.

Zeilman-James Homes, Inc.
John Zeilman President
58 E Main Street
Suite 100, Amelia, OH 45102
Phone: (513) 947-3000
Fax: (513) 947-3200


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