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Posted : 22 Aug ,2014 by    Craig McCorkell



I am writing this complaint after I have just got off the phone with Wyndham Vacation Resorts. I called to complain after I found out about multiple lies I was told when purchasing their product. I was able to verify that these lies are fairly normal sales tactics for Wyndham. First I was walking down town San Antonio with my wife and 2 young kids when we were approached by someone not wearing a Wyndham shirt but someone in a nicely dressed outfit who told us if we went down to the resort and listen to a 90 minute presentation they would give us a free 7 day vacation at one of their resorts. So they shuttled us to the resort in San Antonio where we filled out an application asking us some questions about how much we made and where we lived. Then a sales person came and started the presentation. Now 90 minutes turned into 4-5 hours. When I called and told this to Wyndham's customer service resolution rep he stated that depending on the interest of the buyer it may take longer. I had no intent of staying there for 4-5 hours I had 2 kids under 3 with me and wanted to get out as soon as possible. Their first tactic was to show me a green stamp on the top of my application, the sales person said she was not suppose to tell me this but if I left and did not buy at least something that I would never get that green sticker and would never get these low priced deals again. She also informed us of how this would be an investment and it was like buying property and that we would be able to rent out vacation spots to others and pay for our mortgage that way. Which is completely untrue. I was also told about the tax advantages I would get by owning a timeshare and would be able to deduct from my taxes, which is also a lie there are no tax advantages to owning a time share. I called to try and get my contract cancelled due to the fact that I was lied to and misled by their deceitful sales tactics, but was told none of what I had stated was in the contract and he could only go by what was in the contract. Then informed me that if I had called in after I bought it that it could have been cancelled which I was never told when I bought it.

Wyndham Vacation Ownership
6277 Sea Harbor Dr,
Orlando, FL 32821-8043
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