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Ombudsman-Dayton, Ohio


Posted : 21 Dec ,2013 by    pissedoffcitizen



Don't even bother calling these ignorant douchebags. They will do absolutely nothing but, side with the agency that you are complaining about and argue with you that the fraud in question, is justified. I don't understand how an agency that is supposed to help citizens of a community, totally acts as though they are in bed with the scammers that you are trying to get some help against.What a joke ! This is just another huge waste of resources that someone is having to pay for and it never produces any benefit for anyone. The Ombudsman-In Support of Fraud Everywhere ! Someone recently contacted the Dayton Ombudsman and they were put on with this dumb-ass-kissing-say-the-right-thing-or I-could-lose-my-job type of not-too-bright female.They made a good effort to try and explain to her as to how what they were talking about is fraud.She kept on saying that this person wasn't listening, when in fact, she wasn't and wouldn't listen to the truth of what was being said. I guess common sense and truth have no place in anything, nowadays, according to this dumb bitch.

Ombudsman-Dayton, Ohio
11 W Monument Ave #606,
Dayton, OH 45402
(937) 223-4613


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