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Posted : 21 Oct ,2013 by    Ivivwe



Failure to send statements. been paying monthly and just went to make a payment online and my account disappeared. sent me to collections. Here we go again! Longmont Hospital has THE WORST billing practices. They send you about two statements and then they stop sending them to you and send you to collections. I do not know what I owe because I don't get statements anymore.I have been making payments online and I went online to pay on my bill on Account # XXXXXXXXXXX and it can not be found. I AM TIRED OF THIS! This is not the first time this has happened. I have paid all my past bills in full to LUH and do not know what the PROBLEM is here! I know so many people who are having the same problem in Longmont. Why am I being sent to collections for attempting to pay a debt? It this not illegal to not send statements to your consumer and send to collections when your making monthly payments? I have no problems with the other medical bills I pay. And you charge interest to boot! You are going to affect my credit which is good.Also with the last experience like this, you get a phone call and they want to you to make a verbal commitment to pay on a certain date so that if you don't make it by then they send you to collections which I personally have not had a problem with. And they try to get you to pay a larger amount than you can afford but I pay what I can and don't fall prey to that tatic.

Longmont United Hospital
Phone: (303) 651-5111
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