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Posted : 10 Dec ,2013 by    Storm



I am an older woman with no health insurance coverage. I always shop around when I need a particular test to find the cheapest option. I was advised to have a mammogram and after calling numerous places the above business offered the best price for the mammogram which I paid promptly upon completion of the test. I then received an additional bill of $49.50. Upon calling them I was told that the additional cost is for the physician who reads the mammogram. I inquired as to why I was not told upfront that additional charges will be applied and they told me this is standard practice. Well "standard practice" has to have their patients informed and I was not informed of the total cost. Had I known that additional costs will be incurred I would have gone elsewhere where they charge for both the technical fee and the physician reading fee together and much cheaper. I have very little income and what I have I must guard closely. Although $50 is not a lot for Duke university. It is a lot for me and I do not think that they have the right to threaten me with collection and bad credit for failing to properly inform me upfront of the total cost of the test and then force me to be liable for their omission. Where is the justice in that-?


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