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Posted : 5 May ,2013 by    curse52



Placed the order online for a sleigh bed. It took 6 weeks to arrive, and upon arrival, the footboard was cracked nearly in half, and the siderails looked all splintered and cracked. Even the delivery guy said that they couldn't deliver it in this condition, so they are required to take back damaged products. It was sent back and we were told that we would "some day" get a replacement. 2 weeks later, still no indication of when we were to receive the replacement, or any status whatsoever. Finally, we were sick and tired of living without a bed for more than 2 months, so we called to just say keep it and give us our money back. Denied. They claimed that they had a right to try and fix it. They said we could return it if we wanted to, but it would cost $250 in shipping costs. Finally got in touch with a manager who said they would put a rush on it to get it out. That was 2 weeks ago. Contacted them again because at this point, it was 8 weeks without a bed. They told us that they couldn't deliver new side-rails because they call it "cosmetic damage" which they say requires a repairman come out and repair it, or we have to pay for new side-rails. He said that we get charged for the replacement because it's "our fault" that we wouldn't have a repairman come out and repair it. We are STILL fighting this battle, almost 2 months later, and we STILL don't have a bed. Now they've raised the price for a return from $250 to $405.25." I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau as well as any other possible forum to warn people of the reality of how this company treats their customers.


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