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Posted : 24 Feb ,2014 by    Scott Motts



5/9/13 I contacted Washington tax service & explained my tax situation with the State of California & the garnishment of 25 percent of my income that was being withheld from my pay checks & federal tax that had not been paid in 7 years plus in detail..he states if I send him $525.00 he can start resolving my tax nightmare..but total fee would be $1050.00. On 5/17/13 I authorized the withdrawal, mind You at that point I thought he would be representing me & I would not hv to deal with The state, Federal was not in question at all currently due to the fact I hv a current garnishment.. 5/23/13 I receive an email of info from *** of my with holdings & he states I should file my own taxes because he charges $125.00 per year so I do All the leg work requested past W-2 s, filled out all My own Tax forms calculations everything, paper ink his email also included basic info to fill out taxes which I learned in my senior year in High school ..& the info about withholdings he indicated was already on my w-2 s anyway & was not even accurate, so after all that I submit returns he sends me another email So He can direct Me to resolve My state Taxes Myself..Do the hardship form etc..which the person who is in charge of my state Case already told me to do .tells me to ask for actually had me begging this woman & she says no ..this is not Hardship No reduction oh & in the email he states You might ask why aren t we making the calls we ll we need the rest of our can save that fee for the IRS case..where we will handle everything Yeah right ..If he would have told me I would be doing everything Myself I would never have paid him anything He was taking offer in compromise, I should only be paying $150 per month & he really made me think he would be able to lessen he amount but Not ..& The state person handling my case tells me The IRS is not going to do anything with my wages just on the fact of The States case against me so it s just funny that only want to deal with the Feds because bottom line there is nothing that is going to hv to be done with them anyway so back to the garnishment I call *** tell him they won t budge ..Oh you need to get an advocate ..I m like what in my mind now..he gives me a number which is not an advocate..I call my IRS rep & advice her of this..she takes another look at case calls me & said they would reduce it to $400.00 per month all this over 2 months..all my bills were behind overdrawn at the bank..I finally called again

Washington Tax Services
2233 1st Ave S Ste 202, Seattle, WA 98134
Phone: (888) 282-4697
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