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I speak for other owners of various models of Audi and Volkswagen that have the tensioner issue that fail in their 2.0 TSI engine that which holds the timing chain but VW and many others know this has been a huge issue that happens very often in models 2008-2015. It is also known that VW is well aware of the issue and even had the part made so it would not happen again in 2012, but still the manufacturer uses the old part in the 2012 models and after in some of them. I assume they do it because of the abundance of supply of the old part so they save money by not discarding them. These cars need to be recalled and fixed because not only is it a safety issue, but it is extremely costly to the point of costing more than the value of the car! Put complaints into the National Safety Highway Traffic Administration 1(888)327-4236 or online The more the better the odds. I as well as my family have vw's and I have owned or leased many vw's. They are fun to drive and usually pretty good cars especially when they have a great warranty of 3yr/36k bumper to bumper and a 10yr/100k power train warranty, which was the best in the business then came Hyundai with the same idea. They still have that warranty with Hyundai and Volkswagen decided to go back like before when they didn't make very reliable cars in the early 90's I believe and in the later 90's they went with the stand by your product warranty. After doing well and making a better more reliable vehicle they upped and switch to a 3yr/36k bumper to bumper and a mediocre 6yr/50k power train. Back to making unreliable cars that they do not stand by. Being a long time loyal customer, you would think they would not hesitate to help me when I bought this lemon. I've had issues with this car from day one and already there have been 3 recalls on this original owned 2011 VW GTI I have had since August 2011. This was the 5th time the engine light has come on and each major issues! I was fortunate enough to have had an extended warranty because I drive a lot and have about 112k mostly freeway miles on it. My extended warranty has expired and I couldn't afford to extend it further, but was saving to do so until this happened. The tensioner failed and pretty much destroyed my engine. Bent valves, cam shaft, cylinder head, pistons and engine. I have it sitting at my German auto mechanic who is one of the top places in California and they are better service and cost than the dealer. Total cost to fix this maybe $9k value car if that, is $11,300. Only way to get it fixed is for VW to take care of their customers and take responsibility for a bad apple( a lemon pretty much). Also especially after the whole diesel scandal in which they tried to get over on not only the state law but all their customers as well. Being ready for when they would get caught in this lie, they kept a large sum aside to pay the fines and buy back their cars that was sold during that time. I am disgusted with this company and would never be a customer again. It would be different if they would of been willing to help me without hesitation. They ideally should replace my vehicle with one similar with the right tensioner and no problems. The water pump was changed 4 times until they finally had a recall on it for being defective. Also I was never told nor have I ever read that that 2.0 TSI engine burns lots of oil that is unheard of in newer cars. It burned 3.0 quarts of oil in 1 month! Ridiculous VW says for every 2,000 miles it burns 1/2 quart oil. Please put complaints in call or online it's easy and hope that it will happen rather sooner than later because it's just going to collect dust in my garage I want my baby fixed!!!


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