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Posted : 24 Sep ,2014 by    user7954



Beware!! This company drives over 100 miles to sell their products and preys on handicapped individuals. There is an no solicitation sign in the window of this home. Very pushy guy by the name of Greg Smart. Sold a very small amount (maybe 12) packages of chicken breast to the consumer for $310.00. Stated she was frightened because he seemed angry that the neighbors would not purchase from him. When I contacted the company I was told he did not come across any handicapped individuals. I do plan to contact the police & see if they are registered in Greenville, OH to solicit from a truck in any neighborhood. Company receptionist said we had to follow company policy, of course, how would we know because not even an invoice was left, to return the product for a refund. Not driving over 100 miles to return the product. As the consumers POA, I was able to stop payment of this check. The product is available and waiting for the company salesperson to drive and pick up, if they so desire. What a low life company that feels the need to target the mentally handicapped just to earn their living!!


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