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Posted : 7 Apr ,2015 by    JD Hall



In December 2014, I used Roy Thomas Travel to book 8 plane tickets(4 business and 4 coach) to Hawaii. The tickets were for myself, my husband, our 4 kids and 2 of their friends. A month ago, my husband realized he is no longer able to go, due to work obligations, and one of my kids friends is no longer able to go, so I contacted the travel agency a month ago and asked if I could switch the tickets into 2 other peoples name, they told me for $200 a piece I could change the tickets. So I asked my sister to go in the place of my husband, and my daughter asked another friend to go, I got all the information to switch the tickets and I called the travel agency today requesting to change 2 of my tickets and was told I could not do that, I told them I had called previously and was told for a fee of $200 per ticket I could have them changed. They told me my tickets were non-transferable, I asked why had the previous person told me I could do it, they said that had been a mistake and they once again said my tickets were non-refundable/non-transferable, I asked where on my confirmation itinerary did it say they were non-transferable? They said it was inferred by the non-refundable statement, I told them I didn't want a refund, I just wanted tho pay the $400 and have them put into someone else's name. They told me they couldn't do anything for me, I asked to talk to someone else and they gave me United Airlines phone number and said to call them. I proceeded to call that number and was on hold for 59 min, before I was able to talk to someone. I explained what I wanted to do, she looked up my tickets and she also told me they were non-transferable tickets, I asked her where it said that and she said the non-refundable sentence meant non-refundable/non-transferable. I told her I didn't want a refund I just wanted to do what I was told I could do, which was switch the 2 tickets into someone else's name for $400. She said she would have to ask someone else, she put me back on hold and 3 minutes later came back on to tell me the only thing she could do was cancel the 2 tickets and issue a credit in those 2 names only to be used by those 2 people only sometime in the next year. I was very upset at this point and I asked if she could just refund me the money for those 2 tickets and I would purchase 2 different tickets in the new names. She again put me on hold, and 4 minutes later came back and told me again the tickets were non-transferable, I again asked where it says that on my confirmation, she again said that's what non-refundable means, I told her no it's not the same thing, non-refundable and non-transferable are 2 totally different things, if my confirmation said non-transferable I could understand it. I again offered to pay the difference between the ticket prices if they would issue 2 new tickets. She again told me she could not do that. If I had been told I couldn't switch these tickets when I called the travel agency last month, I would not have made arrangements for 2 other people to take the original 2 people's place. Or if my tickets said non-transferable I could understand, but they don't.


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