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Posted : 19 Apr ,2015 by    Annette



myself and my wife were traveling from Dayton,Ohio to Newark,NJ by united airlines (flight en route to Bangalore,India by Lufthansa/united star alliance on 12/14/2014.when we were checking in our luggages at Dayton,Ohio,we were told by the united airlines ticket counter that we had to pay an additional charge of$100.00 all the way from Dayton to Bangalore,India even though Lufthansa air lines informed us earlier that each passenger is allowed to carry two suit cases without additional charges on international flights.but the representative sated that we had to take this matter with Lufthansa and the representative insisted that we pay this amount up front.when we contacted the representative at Lufthansa ticket counter at newark airport,were told that since Lufthansa did not charge this amount,we had to take up this issue with united airlines and so we were caught between these two airlines.on our trip back from India to Dayton,Ohio by united airlines (flight No;7750) on 01/12/2015,we were not required to pay any additional luggage fees either in Lufthansa or in united airlines as we did from Dayton to Newark on 12/14/2014.when we inquired united airlines about this discrepancy on different occasions,they refused to give us any explanations and so far they have refused to refund the amount of $100.00 to us so far.i urge the united air lines to refund this amount. i want the united airlines to re refund the amount of$100.00 which they unfairly and illegally charged us towards the luggage fees on 12/14/2014 on flight no


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