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Posted : 22 Dec ,2013 by    daxui



I purchased a pair of eye glasses from Eye Mart on in December 2012. Eye Mart advertises two pair of glasses for $89.92. When I got my glasses I ask about the two pair special, I was told that it did not apply to my glasses. I ask if I could use my vision insurance and was told I could but it would be a lot of paper work and I would need to file with the insurance myself. I have had to have the frames adjusted three times because they are very uncomfortable. The first time I was told it was because I bought cheap frames. I also ask a different sales person about the two pair of glasses special and he ask me if I requested them when I bought the glasses. I told him I had but was told I was not qualified. He said I was it was too late because I already made the purchase. The second time I had the frames adjusted the salesman made a remark that he didn't think we would get it right and reminded me again that it was because I purchased cheap frames. The third time I had the glasses adjusted I ask if I could buy another pair of frames or what I could do because the glasses were uncomfortable and did not fit well. I was told there was nothing I could do and I could come back and get them readjusted if necessary.I have spent a lot of time driving to the store and feel that I have wasted my time on a pair of glasses that are uncomfortable to wear.


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