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San Diego Pet Memorial Park


Posted : 26 Sep ,2012 by    Alice Davis



I had a pet rabbit named Fluffy who had passed away after a good life of 4 years unexpectdly a few months ago. I had went to San Diego Pet Memorial Park to have my Fluffy buried. I had set up a payment range of $62 dollars a month which they had agreed to be a reasonable payment plan. Two months into the payments I started noticing that my credit card was showing money missing that I know that I hadn't spent. So i called the Bank to get a print out of all with draws on my credit cards. When I looked at the print outs I had seen that on top of the agreed amount that there was also $120 had been drawn out by San Diego Pet Memorial Park. I confronted the Management and they said that it was an accidental withdraw and that they would make it right by giving me 2 months of no charges which I said was fine. Well they were right, for 2 months there was no withdraws by them, but as soon as the third month came I seen that they had done it to me again there was another withdraw from my card of an extra $120.

I have blocked these ass holes from making any more illegal withdraws from my card and have canceled that card. These people need to be thrown in prison and the keys thrown away. Do not do any business with these crooks, they will rob you blind.

San Diego Pet Memorial Park
8995 Crestmar Pt
San Diego, CA 92121


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