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Posted : 28 Apr ,2014 by    [email protected]



We had Ultra-dry waterproofing come and waterproof our house, with their promise to fix our water in basement issue. When we started we only had two leaks. When they finished we had water around the entire perimeter of the basement. They came back out and attempted to fix it and made it worse. We found out later they use roofing tar instead of foundation tar, and the dimple board the used was not properly attached to the house. At first the tar started pulling away from the house, when they cam and attempted to fix it they just drilled more holes in the brick and added more roofing tar. In the meantime we had a company tearing up the blacktop driveway to replace with cement. We explained the situation to them and they agreed to fix the problem. In doing so I made a video of what they had to do and what was not done. The cracks in the walls were never fixed, the footer was never fixed, and when the new company started tearing away the dimple board they used here was water just sitting at the footer which I have video of. We then contacted the owner of Ultra-Dry who agreed to pay back 10,000.00 of the 13,000.00+ we paid them. The owner brought out a typed agreement with a 1,000.00 check and was to pay back monthly for six months until paid off. Needless to say we never saw another penny from them. I have called and left messaged with no call backs. I have emailed with no response. I would not recommend them to dig a whole..... They are lie, they are not honest or fair. I want my money back. Anyone out there do not use them.....I for some reason cannot link my video to this. I live in the Mayfield, Lyndhurst Area of Ohio,


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