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Posted : 5 Jan ,2014 by    Eric A. Smith



On April 26th, 2010, I was at the intersection of E. Helena & Riverside Drive, on the bridge that goes over the Great Miami River,in Dayton,Ohio. I was panhandling, as I do everyday, at that bridge. When,at 1:42 P.M ,a car had went toward the intersection traffic light. The car ran a red light causing an accident with a van, after the car hit the van then was spun around and ended up hitting me, witnesses at the scene said that I was thrown in the air and landed in the front of the car. The driver of the car then backed up and left the scene.The car ended up stalling out at Mcowen and Riverside Drive. The 1st time that I was aware I was involved in a accident was when the Paramedics had arrived and was preparing me for transport to the Hospital. The news report video of the accident can be viewed at, if you want to view it. I was involved in a 2 car pedestrian accident back in May 2010. I had gone and hired Thorson, Switala, Mondock & Snead Law firm, to take my case. I took all the evidence down to their offices and met with Mr. Jim Thorson, himself. I presented him all the photos and the Police reports from the accident.He almost immediately told me that I had and open and closed case. I kept in touch with his office to find out how things were progressing for 3 years, and they kept telling me that they were still trying to get with the insurance company to get me a settlement. Every time I called the office, they told me that they were still working the case. This went on 'til early last year when Mr. Thorson himself had contacted me by phone and said that in their view, the Insurance Company had said that they would not even settle out of court, and that Thorson Swatala Mondock and Snead sees in their opinion that it was no sense in continuing to try and fight the Insurance Company. I went to and filed a complaint, not just against Thorson, Switala, Mondock & Snead, but also the Insurance Company Progressive Insurance. has contacted me by email, saying that Progresive Insurance Company had contacted them saying that the complaint on them was starting to effect their business and was wanting to know if would take down the complaint. Complaintsbureau informed them that they do not take down complaints unless they are asked by the author to have it taken down. When the site had told them what Mr. Thorson had told me and that there would be no settlement and the case was closed, Progresive Insurance Company stated that they had paid Mr Thorson $10,000 and they still have an open file on the accident. I believe in my opinion that the law firm got what they could get and that they basically said screw me. They say in their commercials that they are big enough to win but small enough to care which in my opinion is alot of bullshit, do not hire this law firm. Thorson, Switala, Mondock & Snead never did return half of my phone calls and never answered any emails that I had sent them. This Law office is in my opinion nothing but shysters and thieves. They will claim to do the best that they can to win and not do no more then they have to, to win your case. They should be Dewey ,Cheatem and Howe and not Thorson, Switala, Mondock & Snead. They won't do you any good, on your case. Stay away from this law firm ,at all costs.

Thorson, Switala, Mondock & Snead
James M Thorson Jr,
130 W. 2nd Street
Suite 1508
Dayton, OH 45402
Telephone: (937) 228-9000
Toll Free: (888) 841-4529
Facsimile: (937) 228-3550


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  Jan 5, 2014 By     Kellie39

Attitude : Agree

Anyone that engages this lawyer after reading these complaint is a fool. His method of operation is predictable, unethical, and very unprofessional.

  Jan 5, 2014 By     Steven Banks

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I agree about this attorney a complete crook my case was supposed to have been settled in 2011 at that time i was in the hospital for a week while injured I had developed a leg sore type two diabetes from my injuries at work I had fractures in both knee's and feet and it was to painful to walk.the hospital sent me home with a home care nurse and sent me to miami valley hospital thinking my case was being handled by this attorney wrong it's now 2014 u never received my settlement, my files I too have called, sent certified letters he doesn't return calls etc he stole 15,000 my settlement too this is a bad attorney I too filed a complaint with the state board he will get away with it

  Jan 5, 2014 By     Beverly Griffin

Attitude : Agree

The fact that James M. Thorson, Jr., is still practicing Law is a travesty of Justice! He has hurt alot of clients by assuming that he can take advantage of people that are unfamiliar with the laws he as an attorney can manipulate to his advantage- Until he is finally correctly reprimanded and/or no longer scamming clients Im glad there are websites like that can shift the power back to the disadvantaged. It does however indicate how corrupt the system in which he works is by allowing him to continue to do this to people.

  Jan 6, 2014 By     phebe

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  Jan 6, 2014 By     [Sad][Happy][Mad]

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You , Know this prick is always running advertisement on TV radio. I agree Mr. Smith. I want to say sorry this happened , My mom died and she left me everything cause I was her special boy, she left the house and money and RV and her pictures she left me everything but gave the attorney it because I'm slow he was to manage this to give to me and make sure i got it because my family would take it from me, and i never received anything this man robbed me blind .The sad thing was me and my mother trusted him. We were surprised he came out to be a crooked attorney and a friend.

  Jan 7, 2014 By     Madman

Attitude : Agree

Bro listen this man is a con artist 100%, Me and my little brother
hired him cause we found the advertisement on TV, Radio. He took my stocks and bonds and my little brother was upset because he didn't think he was a bad guy, after the big shit he talked I'm telling you now you. He will take your money tell you he never received it then he will act like he doesn't know you. Mr. Smith I don't know you but thank you so much. I'm with you on this 100% he shouldn't be able to take advantage of us. Mr.Smith I have looked at the pictures and I'm gonna prey you get your money that you deserve . Me and my little brother have been trying to get back on our feet. have you got on your feet? please reply. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

  Jan 8, 2014 By     The Shield

Attitude : Agree

OMG...Thanks for this review. I was about to hire this man. You just saved me from being in the hands of this Scammer. Thanks for the warning.

  Jan 11, 2014 By     Brian Beerman

Attitude : Neutral

Contact the State Bar and file a compaint

  Jan 11, 2014 By     Mark Cecil

Attitude : Agree

I too have been a victim of this lawyer at Thorson, Switala, Mondock & Snead incompetence with my own dad. This James M. Thorson, Jr. prepared a Trust and after the death did nothing to help us know what to so next. Gave us wrong information and we lost a home that had been in our family 50 years due to this lawyer screw ups. YOU CANT TRUST THIS FIRM WITH YOUR LEGAL NEEDS.

  Feb 14, 2014 By     pimp

Attitude : Agree


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