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Travis Sjostrom, Los Alamos, New Mexico


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I was th e, 10. Working at the desk at the San Antonio a high class Riverwalk Hotel.I recognize Travis's picture from the person who stayed here in March 2015. I recall it because he had been escorted by a police officer around 4 o'clock in the morning and he had a woman with him.she look like a pretty rough looking woman of the streets. the officer asked me if he was a customer of this hotel. I looked him up on the roster and said he was.however the room was only registered for one person. the officer said that he would have arrested Mr Sjostrom but he was going to give him a break because he was here for a conference for work. prior to Mr Sjostromcoming in,a woman I'm thinking his girlfriend had called and said she was worried about him and asked if I'd call his room and check on him. we're closer to 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning she had called me again and said that she was really worried because he was on probation and when he left his room he had been drinking and part of his probation was not to drink and he did not know the town and he was there on a work assignment and would he please continue to check on him.she sounded really concerned and called even afterhe had brought another woman up to his room. I did not have the heart to tell her that he had come back. especially since he had another woman with him. the following morning the room was a total mess and there was throw up all over the room. I hope if he ever comes back to this hotel he doesn't check into this hotel. We do not want customers like that in our hotel. I hope whoever it was that called drops him because she doesn't deserve people like that in her life.


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