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Travis Sjostrom, Los Alamos, New Mexico


Posted : 6 Apr ,2015 by  name soun,ded familiar because I had a customer around the first of March through the 6th of March who stayed at the hotel for a conference for physics. He was named to Travis Sjostrom.on one particular night, a Wednesday as I recall a woman called on the mainline stating that she couldn't get ahold of him, I think it was his girlfriend who is calling out of state. She stated that she was concerned because he had been drinking and he was on probation and he shouldn't be drinking and it was late in the evening after possibly 12 midnight. she asked me to check his room. I called his room several times with no answer. I checked his room by knocking got no answer. girlfriend called several times really concerned because he had never been to San Antonio and he was not aware of his surroundings and he had left his room drunk. around 4 o'clock in the morning a police officer escorted him on a woman enter the hotel and asked if he was staying here. I looked at Mr Sjostrom ID,and stated yes. The officer said he was going to arrest him for public intoxication however he said that since he was here for a physics conference he would escort him and his lady friend to his hotel. His girlfriend again called on the phone and asked if he had come back yet I didn't know what to tell her because he had come back with another woman. I don't think I wanted to break the news to her that he had brought a strange woman back to his room. the following morning when the cleaning lady cleaned his room he had gotten sick all over the room and his lady friend us left around 4 o'clock but afternoon. I don't know if he ever told his girlfriend.


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