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Posted : 6 Feb ,2014 by    Sean Brown



This is a fake and scam travel agency there website is is run by some goons in Costa Rica. They fool people by promising affordable packages and lure them into paying up huge advance money. In fact many have found out about the fraud when they reach the destinations and found that full payments of hotels was not done and they are in a real mess when on Vacation. D'Angelo Valentin the director has been reported in no. of cases, but with his strong local setup, he's still running this extortion business.
D'Angelo Valentin
P.O.Box 132-4417
[email protected]


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  Apr 13, 2015 By     [email protected]

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geeezzz I'm not sure who the hell to believe...i have always wanted to travel to Costa Rica, but got laid off from my job before I had the chance to go there. I've decided to splurge and go before i head to college in June and not to mention the cost is reasonable but i will be dipping into my saving for this trip would really like to see some proof of some great experience from previous customers before i book..

  Apr 21, 2016 By     dessertfox

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I found these guys on youtube videos and decided to give them a shot.... HUGE mistake, waste of time and money.

Not sure if they are scammers, or just lazy idiots. They are definitely amateurs than run a very poorly organized business. I would NOT trust the safety of my family to these idiots. Better to work with a professional shop that can provide good service if/when you need it, especially in case of emergency.

Find a well reviewed professional travel company. If they provide you with poor customer service or are disorganized, just find someone else soon. These guys will keep you on the line till the minute you fire them hoping to get an extra unearned dollar.

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