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Posted : 20 Jan ,2014 by    Jillian Wolfman is a scam the travel agent has scam hundreds of innocent people into paying money for there ticket and account and promise to get them tickets no ticket neither did we get our money back. They would take you money and not provide the services. They would not respond to your emails or calls once you pay the deposit. They know you would then request a cancellation and that's when they refer you to their cancellation policy which is before 30 days of travel you forfeit all deposit. Please contact me if you are unsure. They rates may look good but understand that they would not provide the service hence they provide cheap rate. please dont ignore these am a victim.

Travel Costa Rica Now
D'Angelo Valentin
P.O.Box 132-4417
[email protected]


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  Feb 15, 2014 By     Shawn Berlin

Attitude : Agree

The site is a SCAM. the cum suckling bastards that are giving positive feedback for the site are lying feltures.

  Feb 14, 2014 By     Tinsley

Attitude : Agree

They ripped me off as well...expecting me to buy other ticket

  Feb 13, 2014 By     Uk scam

Attitude : Agree

DON'T BUY!!! massive scamming theifs save you hard earnt money or give to charity don't go with them scamming scum!

  Jan 21, 2014 By     Joe Cole

Attitude : Agree

They don't seem to have a phone number listed which should have given off a red flag.

  Jan 23, 2014 By     Kelly Griffin

Attitude : Agree

Hello guys following website is a scam, this guy D'Angelo Valentin will only respond until he receives the money, I lost 600 when I bought my ticket, these bastards are eating people's money.

  Jan 24, 2014 By     Sexmean2

Attitude : Agree

I am facing the same problem..
This is SCAM.....

  Jan 25, 2014 By     SeedPeer

Attitude : Agree

I completely agree! I thought this website was legit, but I found myself experiencing the same nonsense that you all experienced. My husband was unemployed like so many people are in this society, he went on this website and ended up getting scammed out of 800 This is a scam website. I have lost my money let that be a warning to you

  Jan 26, 2014 By     wqw

Attitude : Agree

They also stolen my money . I have to report them to UK Police.

  Jan 28, 2014 By     Aaron Nair

Attitude : Agree

I got ripped off $800 by these thieves. These people have disappeared without issuing Tickets. It's the same SCAM website. I pray to god that the website owner and everyone in his family, get AIDS and dies. About their scams and cheating ways. thanks...

  Jan 29, 2014 By     Jilles Roberts

Attitude : Neutral

Thank you all so much for the warning. I was seriously just about to enter my credit card on the site when I decided to check them out.

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