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Posted : 9 Apr ,2015 by    Eric A. Smith



I had hired Thorson Switala Mondock & Snead LLP Law firm 5 years ago after I was involved in a 2 car and Pedestrian accident. I have told of my story in dealings with this law firm before on this matter. Well it's 5 years later, and now they have filed a counter suit against me after I had told of the situation. I have been very reasonable about the whole matter in trying to get this resolved. I just want to be able to get what was coming to me, but in the counter suit they are asking for me to pay them $250,000 because of the original complaint I had filed on here. I don't know how they can get that kind of money out of me when I can't even get money to help me get back on my feet. I mean come on, I don't even have a job right now and barely making it day by day to even survive. I'am staying with people at different places, and it is only for a month or 2 a at time at the best. I know that this has been really rough on me for the past 5 years, and I don't know how I have been able to make through all of this, except for by the grace of God and support of family and friends, without them I probably wouldn't have made through all this. All I want is to get a fair deal out of what happened to me. Please don't let this happen to you avoid having it happening by looking at all the different Lawyers available here in Dayton carefully before you decide on Law firm you hire to represent you, I know I should had before I decided on one, now I wish I had looked at my options longer. I lost the counter claim, because I never received a certified letter stating of a court date to appear in Court on the matter until after he had won his case against me. I feel I got shafted in the whole matter when I should had won my case. If you like to get a hold of me, you can get a hold of me at, or reach me at (937)321-0774 for and I can tell you more about the whole matter. All I want is to be able to let people know how if your rush into hiring an Attorney you may end up getting screwed in the end. Consider all your options before you settle on one. Please consider what happened to me could happen to anyone of you out there. Again feel free to get a hold of me at the phone number or email listed earlier on here.

Thorson, Switala, Mondock & Snead
8997 Springboro Pike
Miamisburg, Ohio
(937) 228-9000
James M Thorson Jr,
130 W. 2nd Street
Suite 1508
Dayton, OH 45402
Telephone: (937) 228-9000
Toll Free: (888) 841-4529
Facsimile: (937) 228-3550


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