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Posted : 6 Dec ,2013 by    JoannaFerguson



On 11/18/2013 we took my 3 year old daughter for dental services.I was told she had 14 cavaties and needed fillings and 2 caps. They strapped her down in a papoose board for 2 hours and had to stop 3 times because she was so hysterical she behgan to gag and vomit on herself and the staff. After I had had enough and asked them to stop I noticed my baby's lip[ was swelled 3 times it's size and as we were getting ready to leave, her caps fell out right there in the waiting room. They then had to return her to the papoose board and put her caps back on. Before we got to the car, her mouth continued to swell, I immediately rushed her to Downey Regional Medical Center where she was treated for an allergic reaction to the topical anesthetic or injectable numbing agent they used. I called Dr. Joel Kim as I was in it ER and asked him what they used on my daughter and he said he couldn't tell me! He stated they use a cocktail of drugs to numb their patients and it would be impossible to pinpoint which one it was that she had a reaction to, and it really isn't his job to find this out! He said for me to take her to her regular pediatrician and have a series of allergy tests run on her and have them find out what caused her allergic reaction. After the swelling went down I noticed what they did to my baby! They ruined her teeth & smile. Her front teeth are grey now and her alignment is higher on one side than the other and the sides of her mouth are finally healing from being split from being pried open so forcefully and for so long. The attached photo is before we even left the office. Her mouth and lips continued to swell about 5 times their original size. Their practices at this facility are barbaric and this experience has not only ruined my child's once beautiful smile but has scarred her pshchologically for life.

Pacific Dental Center
7128 Pacific Blvd. # B
United States
Huntington Park
Phone: 323 588-0400


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