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Connie Hill, North Carolina


Posted : 17 Dec ,2013 by    Kilswitch26



If there was ever a homewrecker, it is this self-centered, selfish, insecure piece of shit. She is the cunt that thought it would be ok to destroy my family. It all started when the skank was working as a temp in my father s office she could only work as a temp because she doesn t have enough sense to hold down a real job. She started spending time to with my father even though she knew he was married, she managed to convince my father that she would be a better wife than the one he d been married to for 30 yrs. This didn t bother her at all since she was in the market for a replacement for her previous husband. She left him when he was paralyzed in a work related accident. Since marrying my father she has made it her life s mission to alienate him from anything that existed prior to her. She went so far as to treat his mother like dirt, and now that he has passed away (December 1, 2013) she somehow managed to have his casket LOCKED, how the f**k one can even do that is beyond me. He was sick and was taken to the hospital. Did she bother to let his only living sister or his children know? NO. He passed away without any of his children being able to say goodbye, except my sister who has been kissing the skanks ass for the last two years so that she could have the privilege of being ALLOWED access to our dad. Me, being a non ass kisser was excommunicated from his life she refused to allow any of us to have a moment alone to say goodbye and at the funeral stood like a bulldog beside the casket so we would have to be near her to be near him.

I know this isn t the usual homewrecker story but I really want to let the world know just how much of a piece of shit this skank is my one happy thought about her is that she isn t old enough to draw any survivor benefits and will have to get off her lazy fat ass and go to work now.


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