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Posted : 24 May ,2015 by    Ritzville



This is a company that does nothing and when they finally do they want to charge extra. Before I secured their services, I made arrangements with the IRS for $300/mo commencing 4/15/2013 to cover my 2009 thru 2011 unpaid taxes. Note, though I had not yet submitted my 2012 taxes, they were completed totaling a refund of over $3,000 (due to claiming zero). On 4/26/2013, I secured Tax Monkey services to negotiate a better arrangement. The fee for their services was $3600 which I paid in $300 installments every 2 weeks directly from my checking acct until paid in full on 9/27/2013 (for doing absolutely nothing!). On 10/21/2013, they finally gave me their "so-called" negotiated monthly amount of $476 to pay IRS. Heck! I negotiated better than that without Tax Monkey at $300/mo! I completed another of their financial questionnaires so they can "re-negotiate". On November 29, 2013 the IRS Garnished my paycheck for 75%! How did this situation get this far when they were suppose to be in communication with the IRS on my behalf! On December 3, Tax Monkey asked me to meet them at the IRS office and complete another financial statement in the hopes to release the garnishment. The negotiations at that meeting was between me and IRS (Tax Monkey contributed nothing to the discussions). We (IRS and me) came up with a resolution of $300/mo and once I submitted my 2012 taxes to them (which was the next day), they would release the garnishment. Tax Monkey's "Resolution Section" of the contract agreement, partially reads as follows: "..We will perform a series of services intended to help reduce the obligation, if applicable to your case. As example, these services may include one or all of the following: Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreement, Innocent Spouse, Levy Prevention, Levy Release, Penalty Abatement, Release of Garnishment, or Currently Not Collectible. This agreement confirms your authorization of said service.." Tax Monkey now wants an extra $150 for that meeting with IRS. I want a refund of $3,600 Full refund. I believe that the only time Tax Monkey corresponded with the IRS was after November 29, 2013 when I informed them of the IRS garnishment to my paycheck. That incident would have been avoided if they were actually communicating with the IRS from 4/26/2013 (when I secured their services) until 11/29/2013.


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