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Posted : 17 Apr ,2015 by    Lynn Davis



I have tried over several weeks to get a refund of $69.95 credit back to my credit card and I have had no response for my request. I joined a 7 day free trial for Safesurf VPN. I was informed during the application process that I could cancel any day before the 7 ay free trial. The only form of communication was through email. No customer service phone number was made available. I even looked up the phone number to the business and called and left a message to call me but I have not received a call. I feel that this is a deceptive business practice to hide behind emails and no phone number for costumer services to rectify this billing issue. I have emailed as a reply from an email I received stating that I had cancelled my agreement with them and that I would be credited my money within 24 hours. This has been going on since early August. I have tried chatting online with a live person but once I get to the body of the chat no typing can be accomplished. I have also several times wrote and email to them via their customer service web page. No response back from that. Lately I have been sending messages through all of the above forms of communication. Still nothing. It has now become the principal of the thing with me. I feel that they are hiding behind their so called customer service options to not contact me. They were happy to welcome me and send me information during my 7 free trial days but nothing now that I have been trying to get my money back. I can only image how many other people who have been duped out of their hard earned money. All they need to do is to subtract the free trial out of their offerings and no one will be getting taken advantage of. It's that simple.

SurfSafe VPN
3440 Francis Rd
Ste C, Alpharetta, GA 30004-5925
(770) 521-0322


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