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Posted : 7 Apr ,2015 by    yalmal



We signed up for a SunTrust bank account due to an online promotion that offered $200 if you open an online banking account and make certain deposits online within a pre-specified time window of 2 months. However, after almost a month we are still unable to open an online banking account. By now, we have deposited money via customer service to activate the account and received checks and debit cards. Yet when we try to create the online banking log in, the process gives us an error about mid way through and says call a representative. We have called multiple representatives and visited a SunTrust branch in person, but they all try the same fix - resend online banking invitation e-mail - which does not work. When it doesn't work, they send us away with the promise that it should work later (but it doesn't!) This process has cost us hours of our time, and it seems unlikely we will be able to get the $200 promotion that prompted us to sign up in the first place. The whole thing feels like a bait and switch.


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