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Steven A Waldman & Veronica Waldman - NOT DEAL WITH THIS THIEVES


Posted : 17 Mar ,2018 by    gregglyell



Steve Waldman hired me to go to sierra leone to pick up a parcel of diamonds and has not paid me the rest of the money owed to me. He totally stopped corresponding with me and basically told me to fuck off. But i told him I was going to get my money or the world is going to know what a piece of shit he is.

I had heard things about him before but gave them a pass but now I see they may have been right. I am writing an ebook and will make a video for YouTube on this as well so the world will know what kind of "businessman".

I have considered going to the Small Claims Court or file a Breach of Contract case. I have asked him to pay me several times but he refused. It is small money, only $1300 but he simply refuses to pay it.

There is more to the story and that will shown in the ebook. I will also tell how he offered a diamond that was not his, as his, to a client i had, who just happened to see the exact same diamond on a website that i deal with in Antwerp. And that diamond had been sold long ago and not to Steve Waldman.

If you want a copy of the ebook and see the video when they are finished, you can email me at [email protected]

I have thought about the trip i made and several things did not make sense besides the fact i knew was being scammed (and he did not want to believe it when i told him.). I will go into it in the book but i will give you a hint here. I think he was in on the scam for a couple of reasons after considering how it went down. But that is for the book and of course I will never prove it until i get to sierra leone and talk to the scammers. They are the most known crew there it turns out.

i am enclosing a copy of the cover to the ebook. Thanks for your time here and remember to do no business with them if you value your money.


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