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Posted : 14 May ,2014 by    Eric J



Seller purposefully used deceptive and unlawful practices in order to secure a sale of a vehicle, as well as forcibly obtain the buyers signature. I went in to purchase a vehicle from Stephen Wade Auto Center Auto on 7/25/12, after searching for vehicles I found one that wanted to purchase, after hours of sitting and waiting at the dealership I was told to come back the next day because they where unable to find financing. I arrived back to the aforementioned dealer on 7/26/12 at approx. 9am where again I was told to wait, after 2 hours of waiting I was approached by the Salesman (Joe Davis) as well as the Finance Manager (Jim) who gave me an option on buying one(1) specific vehicle of off the lot, I refused their offer. They then asked which car I would like in a reasonable price range, I looked on the dealerships online website (onsite) and found a few different cars, one of which was a 2011 Kia Soul so we decided I would go take a look at the car, on which I was told by the salesman that the car was AWD (All-Wheel Drive), that it had towing capabilities and that it was in essence a "Crossover SUV" on on that specific information I decided to take it for a text drive(which was me driving it from the "Toyota" lot to the "Chevrolet" lot) We then went to the office of the Salesman where he proceeded to tell me that because of the financing that I was receiving that I couldn't negotiate on the price of the car, I reluctantly signed the paper on which stated this. I then was told I had to wait for the financing manager. I ended up waiting until around 4pm after have been there for the entire day before as well as that entire day. I informed the salesman that I needed to be to work so I would just have to come back another day, but he proceeded to inform me that because I signed the price paper, as well as the document stating I was trading in my current vehicle that I was now obligated to purchase the vehicle, so on that information I went in and was hurriedly rushed through the remaining documentation also being told by the Finance Manager that the "Extended Service Contract" as well as the "GAP Coverage" was REQUIRED from the Finance Company (Prestige Financial Services) in order to secure the financing. I informed that any "Gap Coverage" was unneeded due to the fact that I have that coverage within my own Insurance Policy with Progressive Insurance, she stated that they both were required from the Finance Company, and that I was obligated to purchase a vehicle and that this company was my only option for that purchase, so I reluctantly signed. I was only informed from Prestige Financial on 8/2/2012 that the vehicle that I was driving was infact NOT the original one that I had test drove and picked out at the Dealership, I immediately called the Dealership and informed them of the situation and that I would need to bring the vehicle back to change it out for the correct one(I talked w/ she very politely apologized for the inconvenience and that they would take care of the problem immediately but that she had to inform her manager and that the process would take a couple of days. After a few days I didn't hear from him again. I again started to call back, always being sent to her voicemail, so I left several messages never receiving any response back, so finally I called on 8/13/12 and I told the Secretary that I was a different person calling for where I was then transferred directly to her cell phone, I then informed her of my frustrations with this process, she apologized and informed me that there was a lot of processes that they had to go through w/ the finance company as well as the State and that it would just be a few more days, I asked her why not now because I'm driving around this vehicle racking up the milage. She apologized and stated she understands my frustrations but thats just how it works, so I said ok. Yet again after not hearing from her and leaving her several messages a day, I took time off of work to personally go in and see her, after 2 hrs of waiting I was told that there is nothing they can do, I was humilia

Stephen Wade Auto Center
150 Hilton Dr, St
George, UT 84770-6737
Phone: (435) 628-5201
Fax: (435) 673-7401


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