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Posted : 27 Mar ,2013 by    Don Willey



Purchased Silent Diesel 6500 from Aurora. Decided to do it right and run it an hour at a time with 1/4 load like they state to break it in properly. After 5 hours, the cheap crimped battery lugs fell off; the fuel filter started leaking all over the place. After 9 hours, the connector on the circuit board that powers the fuel pump safety solenoid loosened, arched over and failed. Had to remove the plunger on the fuel pump to get it to work. After 14 hours- the engine died period- would not start for anything. All this happened during the first year of ownership. With every call to support- another condescending answer- like I'm a diesel mechanic. Never once did they suggest taking it to a diesel mechanic during the first year under warranty. The engine died just over the year warranty- so the company basically said," take it to a diesel mechanic". Upon opening the engine- they discovered that the valve adjuster had backed out and fell out into the engine, causing the tappet to fall out and ruin the engine block- 14 hours. Not even enough time to warrant a valve adjustment. They first told my mechanic that they would pay for a new engine if I would pay for shipping. The mechanic came to me; and reluctantly I agreed. When he called back to confirm and order; they told him that I had to pay for both the engine and the shipping. Ron Katz, the owner lied to me; lied to the mechanic. When he balked at the lie, they started the attacks. They accused me of not using the right fuel; not knowing what I was doing...basically anything they could throw at me. Buy a generator form this company at your own risk- the silent diesel is junk- the owner is a liar; and doesn't stand by his products. Oh and don't believe the BBB A+ rating- its a sham. They wait till the time elapses; say they sent a response when they didn't, and call it resolved. I have never dealt with a company so crooked. Lesson learned.


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