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Posted : 22 Dec ,2012 by    Eric A. Smith



I was involved in a 2 car pedestrian accident back in May 2010. A car that was insured by Progresive Auto Insurance had hit a another vehicle and then came up on the bridge that I was standing on and hit me almost putting me into the Great Miami River. I hired the Law firm of Thorson Swatala Mondock and Snead for my case. Mr Thorson had claimed that I had an open and closed case. He claimed that he was in contact with Progresive Insurance Company for almost 2 and 1/2 years trying to get a settlement. Progresive Auto Insurance company according to Mr. Thorson was not willing to settle the Lawsuit and that they said that the person who was driving the Insured vehicle ghad no licence and that she should had not been driving it. Progresive should had agreed to settle out of court on the lawsuit and not had put me thru all of this grief. I believe that it don't matter who the driver is, insured or not, the persons whos car that is insured should pay for any injuries that a person sustains from being hit by the insured car. Progresive Auto Insurance probably jacked up the car owners insurance, but wont pay off any law suit filed against them. This Company will rip you off if your hit by a car that is insured by them, especially if your homeless or cant afford a good Lawyer to take your case. So if your ever hit by someone whos driving a car insured by Progresive Auto Insurance or are insured by them, then you are just wasting your time by filing a claim or Lawsuit with them stay away from these thieves at all cost


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  Jan 6, 2014 By     Progressive Insurance

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Re: I'm writing in reply to your complaint dated June 24, 2013.

Settlement Date: August 22, 2013

File Name: Eric A. Smith

****** *****

Claim Number: Cr2788910427064215-02010


Policy Type: 622451-02010

Company Name: Thorson, Switala, Mondock & Snead

Progressive Insurance Company

Eric A, Smith

I'm writing in reply to your complaint dated January 03, 2013.

I reviewed this claim in its entirety. I'm sorry that Eric Smith was in the accident, and I apologize for his frustration, but we have reviewed his concerns and addressed them with Complaints Bureau on several occasions. Your Settlement amount was paid to Mr James M. Thorson, Jr.,for the amount $10.000 back on August 22, 2013

Not only did I speak with James M. Thorson, Jr., Attorney. He spoke with several layers of claims management, who also reiterated to his position on this claim. To outline our position, I've attached our most recent correspondences to *** *****.

Desired settlement = Refund cash Desired outcome = Amounting to $10.000

If you have any questions, please call me at 1-888-240-9839. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 7:50pm EST.


Bruce *******

Claims Manager

Progressive Premier Insurance Company

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