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Posted : 16 May ,2012 by    Iris



I, Nancy Jeune, am the one of the caregivers, for Iris W.Votaw,
who is an invalid, bed and wheelchair bound from a stroke.
Iris has been with State Farm for many years 20+ with
Lori Adams 636-916-5555.
We had her policy amounts lowered last year April 2011
from very high evaluations on house and liabilities to amounts
more in line with todays rates.
Sept 28, 2011 Ck #4856 was electrically sent for $440.00
for a semi-annual payment on new amounts.
In the next few months I received double bills and called
to try to have problem straightened out.
The Insurance company had her down as having 2 policies.
I was told not to pay them.
Then on 01/16/2012 received a one month bill for 116.00
I called again and said she still wanted to pay
semi-annually. - Which would make her not due until
end of March/beginning of April.
By 4/28 She did not receive a bill - so when I called
they said she was cancelled for not paying.
Called again and asked them to please reinstate her.
They looked into it with their management and said they could not.
We had horrible hail here on 4/28/12.
She should have been covered - she was in the hospital at the time and still is - but due to come home in a few days.
I am not even sure if her house is damaged -but all the ones around her are.
I would like her house at least checked for damage and consideration given to the bill problem.
We would have paid the bill if we had got one when it was
Rob, from that State Farm Office had said that he tried to
talk to management -but cannot get the problem remedied
for Iris.


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