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Posted : 8 Jul ,2014 by    BadEngine



Bought a "re-man" 350 chevy, the most common engine of all time.. Installed in a truck.. Started up and before I ran the break in cycle.. (Ran approx 2 min) checked oil level and coolant. Had to add a bit of coolant.. No problem as I had already "Primed" the engine before started and oil level was fine... I restarted and decided to run the break in cycle.. I noticed a slight "tick" and it was getting louder.. SHUT DOWN, was run a total of maybe 7 min. When I checked the coolant of course it was a bit low... Checked oil, was a bit hazey... Ran another few min and checked oil.. Completely white with water/coolant. When I called them they were talking a head problem and wanted a compression test.. Did it, 3 of the 8 cyl were 20-30 lbs less than the rest and 2 of them bled right down.. They exchanged the engine.. When it came out you could visually see the crack in the peft side and coolant down the drivers side into a cyl. I have 6 people that saw this, not to mention the staff at Advance (that are going over and above to help)Spartan engines is deneying claim and are being rediculous.. I will NEVER BUY A SPARTAN ENGINE Again, they are junk and their warranty might as well be written in pencil, I intend on sueing them.


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