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Posted : 26 Nov ,2013 by    gjdmqzca



I have the unfortunate situation of owning a Dell Inspiron M5010 Laptop. Only 2 and a half years old. $1000 computer. It will not boot up and gives the 7 Beep error. I had it checked by ******* where I bought it and they changed the coin memory Battery , Ram and ports check out OK. Cost $60 ******* advise the Mother board is defective. I spent the better part of 2 hours on the phone directly with Dell Canada Customer Service and their out of Warranty Tech Support departments. They were unwilling to give any Support or any sort of discount on having the Mother Board replaced. They wanted $300 to replace the Mother Board and $50 shipping each way. Customer Service would not even give a discount on shipping me a new mother board, when Dell fully knows that their Mother Boards are DEFECTIVE. I look up Dell 7 Beep error on the internet and on the Dell website for all the other people out there that have the same problem with this exact computer and other Dell models. Some still in Warranty and some just beyond. Everyone is complaining about the same problem, Dell have acknowledged that their computers are defective in the US, as they are sending out ***** boxes to Customers who complain about this defect, so that the computer can be shipped back and repaired for free, no cost to the Consumer. Unfortunately the Dell Inc repair centre here in Canada are refusing to acknowledge the problem and demand that I pay $300 plus shipping to have the computer repaired. When in fact Dell US is honoring a free repair. Supervisor name in the Ontario Canada Dell office is Mr. ****** ******, and Tech support ****. Phone number ************** Request that Dell Inc Canada honor the recall/repair, similar to the US.


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