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Posted : 14 May ,2014 by    marutt



Hi, I am an extremely harassed customer of the so called renowned website, had ordered a DSLR camera on 4th May 2014, keeping in mind the estimated delivery date to be by 9th May 2014 and then changed it to 12th May without any prior notice...I had to gift this product on 10th May 2014..But unfortunately I still haven't received this product and every time I call them they say they apologize for the inconvenience and will call back within 24 hours to let me know of the status...And then when I call the courier company, they too have a similar response to provide for me...But neither of them call or respond satisfactorily and tell me when exactly I will receive my shipment! As I have already made full payment for the product, I cant even cancel this order...!I am extremely unhappy with this kind of irresponsible behaviour from this website and would not recommend anyone to buy from this website, however cheaper you get a product for...Other renowned websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Myntra etc. have till date always been true to their word in terms of delivery and promises... This website is only cheating people by claiming that they sell the cheapest but their customer unfriendliness and casualness is very evident time and again!! I would just not recommend people to buy from this website and would in fact advice on being very careful while making further commitments based on this website's delivery timeline promises..


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