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Posted : 18 Dec ,2013 by    Janet Adams



my ordeal started in August. *** ******** and his team were suppose to come in my home and paint 3 rooms, kitchen, dining room, and sun room. He was also to lay floating hardwood floors in our hallway, kitchen, and sun room. We had agreed on the price of $5,400 for the whole job. When *** came in so we could pick the colors of the paint and floor, I agreed on flat paint for the ceilings Dining room walls, and the sun room, and I told Him I wanted Satin finish for my kitchen. The painters came in they did a very sloppy job, walls were not sanded correctly, no clean paint lines, they did not paint all the trim, and they did not use the paints we originally agreed on. They put water based paint over oil based paint, which lead to it peeling off. Then when it came to the hardwood floors..they are "OK". That job was still not finished completely. They failed to put the quarter round back down in all the places it belonged they did not punch the nails and fill them, they took a original piece of floor boarder to try to match it, and didn't return it,and they did not paint the floor trim after laying the floors. He was suppose to have someone come in and fix all the mistakes but the first person who promised to do so never showed. A few weeks later he shows up @5 in the afternoon with people who were to fix the mistakes, I asked them to return the next morning when the home would be clear of children and they did not show. So I asked not to return to my home. I would Like to receive the money back for the labor they claim to have put in this incomplete job, I don't expect the money back for materials. but I do want the rest back Mr. ******** does not deserve it one bit.

Hornback Construction
3014 Clevan Way Unit 202, Hurstbourne Acres, KY 40220
Phone: (502) 322-2566


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