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Simplicity Med Spa Debra Tri Scam


Posted : 30 Nov ,2017 by    klein9926



Simplicity Medspa Was given a hairlip lip injection from Debra Tri, No concern, consideration, refund was given by anybody there after they pointed out I signed a multipage waiver that released them from any obligation.After four painful treatments to remove the incredibly unsymmetrical and badly placed questionable product costing me considerably more, can say I don t recommend anyone seeing Debra Tri unless you want the look horribly scarred like the Joker.

Debra Tri's assistant Tracy Glessner Riggs lied to me and was threatening to me! I was scared of my physical safety. She is shady and isn't afraid to retaliate. Very scary practice.

It's not affliated with any hospital or organization so Debra Tri can harm you and legally get away with it.

She has only certificates for her training she's not a specialist so beware!Complain and REPORT her so people know the truth!


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  May 23, 2018 By     sarahhines

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Debra Tri, ARNP WARNING from a Survivor Patient. I am a former victim of Debra Tri ARNP. Her background is family medicine she has NO Dermatology Residency whatsoever, only certificate hours from paid conferences.

RED FLAG: Boasts about "innovative" techniques. Most providers use the same basic techniques - because they are proven safe and effective. Beware of providers like Debra Tri who say she uses "innovative" or "revolutionary" procedures.

RED FLAG: Lacks hospital privileges, Hospitals consider doctors' skill and training before granting privileges. Debra Tri lacks certain privileges, evidence that the hospital is dubious of her ability. Debra Tri gets around the problem by performing surgery in their offices - which is NOT the safest place.

There is a reason you should only go to DERMATOLOGISTS or PLASTIC SURGEONS for injectables and NOT someone trained briefly and fails to possess a keen understanding of facial muscle structure. I would rate this crazy owner negative stars if I could. She will rip you off and do a horrible job. As a former patient who survived this dangerous provider, I can speak to the facts of her dangerous practice. Debra Tri, ARNP was negligent and failed to warn me of the dangers of and how it could affect me.
Debra Tri, ARNP uses mixed solutions tubes of fillers and injectables and claimed to use the entire tube. Before she injected me she left the room with the solution! Run please! Do research and go anywhere else. Please do not use Debra Tri, ARNP, I do not want anyone else to be as upset as I was when I left. Research and you will know there are honest good businesses in town.

Debra Tri, ARNP has no business self proclaiming herself an expert injector , no one qualified has given her that credential. Please do not go to Debra Tri, ARNP. You will be making the biggest mistake of your life. I made the mistake and have to live with the consequences daily. Debra Tri, ARNP has no conscience nor regard for her actions. I have recently been dealing/coping with feeling and looking so disfigured, that people have actually stood in front of me staring and looking. Simple fine lines that were over injected? My face is lopsided and hideous looking. My own family, does not recognize me.

I came for a simple eyebrow lift, this should have been incredibly straightforward. Shortly after her injections, I realized they were not done well. The way the injections were placed, my brows were lifted too much at the end, a telltale sign of BAD BOTOX (it's also known as "Spock eyebrows"). The fillers, something, was wrong with them I don t know what I had injected in me but it burned and the BURNING has not stopped since the day I got injections from her.


Adding insult to injury (literally), I called her and went back to her clinic but she did not offer me no solution. So now, I have a dent in my forehead, overdone lumps, and my cheeks are swollen with leakage. I literally have an allergic reaction everyday due to WHO KNOWS what she injected me with. Debra Tri, ARNP denied any wrongdoing. She accused me of having too high of expectations and that she didn t see anything wrong with me even though my face was swollen, red, and clearly in pain. I have leakage and a lot of side effects from her.

Debra Tri, ARNP is slick when she reassures you of her credentials. Debra Tri, ARNP is NOT Board Certified as a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon. Debra Tri, ARNP kept saying she was board certified but she is only board certified as a family practice nurse practitioner how is that the same? It s NOT. Debra Tri, ARNP is slick LIED to my face.

Do you really want an unsupervised procedure with no MD on site? Do you want her injecting you with God knows what and sticking threads in your face? I've never had my face feel so clumpy and uneven. Debra Tri, ARNP wasted my time in driving there under the impression she were going to fix her mistake and not try and scam me into buying another vile. I had an even face before I went to see Debra Tri, ARNP.

Debra Tri, ARNP was beyond insulting, in an attempt to confuse me she rambled off names of muscles in an effort to deflect blame towards her. She sounded unintelligible and sat on the computer showing me websites and photos of people that she NEVER even treated. It got to a point where I literally called her out and she just shrugged. Debra Tri, ARNP is a truly dangerous and negligent injector and put me and my family through hell and she is worthy of being fully exposed.


NO Dermatology Residency

NOT A MEMBER of WA Dermatology Association

NOT A MEMBER of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

NOT A MEMBER of American College of Surgeons

NOT A MEMBER of Seattle Dermatologic Society

NOT A MEMBER of Seattle Dermatologic Society
NOT A MEMBER of American Society for Dermatologic SurgeryFellow

NO AFFILIATIONS with The American Academy of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowships

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