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Posted : 30 Oct ,2016 by    Aishibra



We bought a 4 month old siberian kitten from Siberian Angels NY. Since the time we bought him home, he was always meowing. I thought maybe he was being underfed so I contacted the breeder who in return told me to feed him more and I did so. I didnt think I had any cause for alarm because the breeder gave us a clean bill of health signed by her vet. Fast forward 3 weeks and we had to run him to the emergency room because his breathing looked off. The vet told us he had pyothorax (pus in his chest cavity) and kept asking if we had any cats (we dont) and if the kitten was bit at the breeder's house because this happen in kittens from breeders or shelters where another (healthy) cat could have bit them. By the time the owner realizes the cat needs help, the wound has already healed so they wouldnt know a bite caused it. He was in really bad shape. When they ran xrays and did an ultrasound they did not find any fractures or damages to his bones in the area, which rules out getting hit by a car. He was a strictly indoor kitten. Two days and thousands of dollars later, our kitten died. We had contacted the breeder and she asked if our children (both under 2) "gave him the illness" and if our children were vaccinated. As a breeder or any person that knows anything about cats, you would know that cats CANNOT catch illnesses from humans! Our vet said the same. The breeder sent us the following: "underlying reason that brought that kitten to death was either strong punch to the lungs area, foreign body or inhalation of an aggressive chemical substance.
So we have determined that Genetic Decease is totally ruled out. According to a sales agreement that You signed, replacement of the kitten will not be possible. I will not be hold responsible for accidents that occur in Your household.
I understand that You and Your family did not have any intent to harm that kitten."
Basically she blamed us for his death for punching him or something. Surprisingly, her vets said NOTHING to her that her other cats might have bitten our kitten while he was there!
I am so disappointed. I wish we had gotten our kitten somewhere else. It would have spared us heartbreak and thousands of dollars. I should have known not to buy from a breeder that has only been in business for 6 years. Please avoid Siberian Angels NY Cattery in Brooklyn, NY!!!


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