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Brooke Dionne Curtis, Las Vegas, Nevada


Posted : 17 Dec ,2013 by    Jake Sonders



Boy do I wish I knew this site existed a year ago. Well what can I say about this homewrecker. My story starts December of last year (my birthday month I may add). My husband has been working for this restaurant/bar for years and one of his fellow coworkers messaged me and told me that this new employee and my husband had a thing going on. I confronted her face to face in a nonviolent way and asked her what was up. She told me nothing was going on, that she just started working there about 2 weeks ago and that she flirted with him but that was it. I then told her what was said and who said it so she knew I wasn t making things up and told her that they were being accused of messing around, kissing and stuff. She said no they didn t, and I proceeded to remind her to not go there with him for he IS married to me and has 3 beautiful children and a family he is responsible for. After being confronted she assured me nothing was going on and nothing would go on PPSSHHH yea right, like I m going to believe that.

Well my instincts were right because not long after, a few weeks to a month, my husband decides to leave me for that homewrecker. She told him she wanted to be with him and all that nonsense. now I know that my husband is %100 at fault for his decisions and actions in this situation but as a woman, I would think her having 2 kids of her own and been in relationships understood the struggle and effort it takes to make a marriage and family work and stay together, and especially after telling her he is married and not to go there, she still pursued him!! They were having a full-fledged affair in front of everyone (people I have built relationships over the years of my husband working there with) and embarrassing me and my children. Not to mention me writing her a letter on FB, making her aware of my husband and I attempt to work things out and she did not stop calling, texting and perusing him. This woman who was aware and knew he was married, SLEPT with my husband, asked my husband to take her home and rode in MY car (vehicle in my name and everything) and totally been a plague on my life. SHE JUST DOESN'T CARE! The kicker is that I had friends in town and they wanted to check out the restaurant and bar my husband works at and of course me have already built relationships with people working there and being able to save money hanging out there, I agreed to go. Now I already went into that situation knowing that I would ignore, not make eye contact or even attempt to make a scene at my husband s place of business, even though I would have love nothing more than to address the situation at hand, but I didn't t!

I know some of you may feel I am wrong for even going there but I feel like why do I have to back down, or hide or anything from someone like that. I did nothing wrong and was being punished for their actions. I am not one to do back down anyway, so I went with a good attitude and was hanging out with my friends just fine with no problems. Upon me being there for about a half hour she told her manager that she felt threatened and she wanted us kicked out. Really?? How dare you do all that you did to my family and then try to make me leave because you feel guilty or whatever about what you did. I was furious but did not show it and being the person that I am, I compromised and decided to move my party of 10 mind you, to the outside tables and only order drinks from the manager himself, which I was never ordering or attempting to talk to this homewrecker anyway. I felt embarrassed and angry but did not let her get to me and still enjoyed my time with my friends. Anyway I could probably go on and on about this homewrecker and things she said and did to me and my family but I think exposing her is enough and hopefully closure to all the damage she has caused my family, besides I am a strong believer in karma so I m sure things will take care of itself. So everyone in the Vegas area and everywhere else, be on the lookout for this HOMEWRECKER, she knows exactly how to ruin marriages and lives.


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