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Sherry Mcconnell, (Sherry Epley) Dayton, Ohio


Posted : 4 Aug ,2014 by    Kelly Sanderson



On September 29th 2012 Sherry McConnell AKA Sherry Epley died. She was a patient at Eastway on Wayne Avenue. She lived at the Asbury Apartments. She got really sick and had to be put in a Nursing home. That is where she died of AIDS. She will be sadly missed. I was a friend of Sherry for 15 years. Alot of people knew Sherry, Sherry was mentally chalanged. She did have issues. We all have issues. Nobody is perfect. I'am writting this so everybody knows what Sherrys life was like, and why her Mental issues was caused by her home life living at home with her parents. Sherrys mother Judith Sams, stepfather Gary Sams, her 2 step brothers and 1 sister. After you read this, then you decide yourself who is guilty. Sherry grew up at home with a no good piece of shit mother, who should have protected her, but did nothing. She stood by for years. She let Sherrys stepfather Gary Sams and his 2 sons rape her for years. Her only sister didn't have nothing to do with her. She is just as evil for not helping her sister. She can rot in hell with the rest of them, Judith Sams and, Gary Sams and his 2 sons. They live in Harrison Township. A few streets off of North Dixie. Gary Sams drove that black tow truck picking up cars, and that's not all. Several times I took Sherry to Eastway to get her meds, so she wouldn't have to take the bus. I know of at least 6 times I had taken Sherry, I was waiting by the door, guess who is waiting in the parking lot waiting for her? Child molester Gary Sams sitting in his black tow truck. At least 3 of Sherrys case workers, plus her Doctor came outside, and I pointed to the ass wipe. He started his truck up and took off. Sherry was raped by her step father Gary Sams and his 2 sons for years in that house.The mother Judith Sams knew all about it, and did nothing to stop it. From all of this molesting in the home. Sherrys illness got really bad. The mother was unfit, and took her to Social Security and turned her over to the State to take care of her.That still didn't stop the ass wipe from following her around. That bitch mother wanted to cover her ass. I just want all of Judith Sams and Gary Sams to know that to know what kind of people you around.and all of Judith Sams coworkers what kind of evil unfit bitch of a mother Sherry had. All the years of molesting that went on in that house, and how any mother would stand by and let this happen. All you neighbors watch your children. This ass wipe has been seen driving around the schools when they close. He is not out picking up cars, talk to your children, teens and even your sons. I wouldn't put it pass this bastard of raping boys, and this bastards 2 sons, the Sams boys are just as dangerous. Judith you need to burn in hell, and that piece of shit that you married to and 2 step sons all need to burn in hell. Sherry was right about you Judith, a no good evil bitch is what she called you. She said you wouldn't protect her. Rumor has it that you also took part in the molesting your daughter. You are one sick bitch, I know for a fact that alot of mothers, no matter what their daughters or sons age are, they would fight to the end to protect them. Iam sure that any doctor php phy would say when a person is mentally challenged and after years of molesting abuse in the home. This had to have made it so worse for her. She just never got better, thanks to you, you piece of shit bitch. I hope all your neighbors watch their children and your coworkers know what kind of person you really are. You and Gary and your 2 step sons. The Sams brothers. Remember Gary Sams and his black tow truck. If you need a car towed, don't call this child molester, and his 2 sons. Everbody beware of this monster. Watch your kids when he's out driving around, he's not working. He works out of his house.towing. Talk to your children, and your teens. See if he has touched them. Check your teens girls and boys. He has been seen with young girls in his tow truck. School girls with back packs. Talk to them. He needs to be stopped. It's hard to say how many young girls he has molested, and might be afraid to talk and tell their parents. I hope they all burn in hell. Remember Harrison Township off of North Dixie Drive.beware. Judith Samsl, Gary Sams, and the 2 dumbass Sams brothers.

Rest in peace Sherry.

your story has been told.+


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