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Shawn Anthony Cokes, Dayton, Ohio


Posted : 10 Jan ,2014 by    Layla Cokes



Shawn Anthony Cokes is a stalker and an internet sexual predator. He likes to sit in teenage chat rooms, and like younger boys. He is 44 years old. He has multiple emails and fake alias names he goes by Shawn menzer, clitlicker892, Shawn192, harry balls are just a few of them. Shawn also claims that he has multiple personalities, Shawn becomes Johnny when he feels threatened. They go by the name harry balls supposedly comes out to protect Johnny The next personality is Reaper this is the ultimate personality that protects all of the other personalities and will kill anything that comes in the way of Johnny or harry balls . Shawn hacks computers to obtain pictures and videos by hacking webcams and illegally posts them and other information without any consent or knowledge to the person, he has an Internet IP hider also, so his internet activity cannot be traced. Shawn claims that he has a 70 year old friend by the name of Donta that lives in Dayton, Ohio and also helps Shawn hack. He blackmails, and threatens his victim and family members to get what he wants, he contacts friends, family members, and others to try to isolate his victim.Children are NOT exempt from his threats !!! Going to the police doesnt stop him either. He is married and Im unsure if his wife knows all that he does. He has addresses listed in the states of Ohio and Florida as well as Texas. Shawn also has numerous phone numbers, and phone carriers that he uses to hide things so it cannot be traced back to him.

Shawn Anthony Cokes
151 Woodbury Dr
Dayton, OH 45415
(513) 263-5095


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  Jan 11, 2014 By     Frank Ortman

Attitude : Agree

Not at all surprised!!!

  Jan 12, 2014 By     Dileep A. Kumbar

Attitude : Neutral

WOW!!!! absolutely sickening!!!

  Jan 12, 2014 By     Keisha Crutchfield

Attitude : Agree

Put this pervert away and keep him away from children before he ruins a child's life forever.

  Jan 12, 2014 By     Ramon Williamson

Attitude : Agree

I want to torture this guy so bad...

  Jan 13, 2014 By     Aisha Hansen

Attitude : Agree

My children was the victim of this sick fuck. He had molested 2 of my boys and stuck his penis in my boys ass. Then he stuck his fingers in my boys ass and then he made my boys set on his face. He was found not guitly by law because his family had MONEY

  Apr 17, 2014 By     Alice Matterday

Attitude : Agree

He sounds just like Eman West.Eman West is the exact same way. A

  Oct 25, 2018 By     Few_options

Attitude : Agree

He belongs REMOVED from society altogether. Serves no purpose except to cause pain and trauma for others especially when children are concerned. There are many predators in the world. I am a firm believer in EXPOSING them and taking action. They must be STOPPED INDEFINITELY. Predators erode society and feed of the host. The are heartless self centered Narcissist Sociopaths who feel they are ENTITLED to certain things and behaviors. By EXPOSING these "MISFITS" we are bringing attention toward them and their actions. Sooner or later people will take notice.
I knew of only one Predator whom stalked and sought out adult females for SEX. Which in my opinion is Horrible where children are concerned it makes the offense even worse because children are so innocent and helpless.

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