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Posted : 21 Apr ,2015 by    Yoshua



Nine beautiful years. Nine wonderful romantic loving wait who the hell am I kidding? I met my husband Ernest Bill Whitcraft through mutual friends and for me it was instant. I adored him. I should have seen from the start what a controlling abusive piece of trash he was. Unfortunately I was blinded by vulnerability and I was blinded by my own loneliness. It was a whirlwind for me. Three amazing children later and tons of chaos in between. Constant moving. Constant cheating on his part. Sneaking around with other woman. A girl at six flag. A bartender at the (removed) in hamilton. Websites listing himself as a single dad. A (removed) on facebook. And then comes the grand slam of all of the women combined. Ms. Shaunna Goolsby. How can I say it. I was blind. I forgave him time and time again. And I was stupid for him. No matter what warning sign.. the controlling jealous behavior.. putting his hands on me telling me where I could and couldn t go the other woman I forgave it. even though it cost me my friends, my family members, my own self and sanity. In october it came to a screeching head. Oct. 12th we had a huge argument because I had a family friend remove air conditioners out of the home. Thats right. Air conditioners. I was trying to make his life easier so he had less to do around the house as a surprise. He took it as I had another man come into our home. (even though this person was like a father to me.) It resulted in a screaming match violent that tore down a bedroom door that all of our kids witnessed and scared me half to death, enough that I said this is enough. I filed TRO. called the police. and said enough. It resulted in a dyfus case because of the domestic dispute that I am still dealing with to this day. During that time he started seeing ms. goolsby and I m sure she fell for his charming act. Poor me my wife threw me out won t let me see my kids she ruined my life. I know this is the line he gave her, but never the other side of the story about the abuse of the unpaid bills or how often I cried at night. The courts dropped the tro for lack of enough evidence at which point he came back into my life and like the dumbass I am I forgave him. No more drinking he said, I m sorry baby, its always only been you. She didn t mean anything. The kicker to all of this? While he was having his tryst with ms.goolsby? She was ENGAGED to a soldier named Jake at the time. Double whammy. Hows that for patriotic ladies and gents?) I just want you. He and I got back together, where at some point he neglected to tell her about his wife and kids that he was now home with full time. On the super bowl Sunday it escalated again he drank couldn t control it three doors came down this time he held me down and spat in my face I begged and begged. nothing. again once he sobered up he swore he was sorry. Enrolled in therapy for alcoholics, for anger management. Come to find out after an argument this weekend over him taking the money of a client for birds oasis in medford nj and spending the poor mans money and not doing the job . He has been secretly texting and planning meets with her the entire time she and Jake apparently broke up and she sought him out. I saw the messages where he did tell her he and I were together and she persisted in messaging him inappropriately selfies..good morning beautifuls.. meet me after I get off work.. come see me after therapies. When confronted again he promised never to talk to her again. of course lies lies lies. I found condoms in his truck yesterday which we don t need or use as, I have had a tubal. He said they were for use over the barrel of guns when hunting of over drill bits when it rains. (do i look that freaking stupid?) This morning when catching more messages and a read from her on Facebook it escalated to him choking me. Hes done and im done. Im done living my life trying to please someone else. So my message is to you shaunna. Enjoy my nine year leftovers. Enjoy the warrants, the constant money missing. Enjoy never knowing if he is telling you the truth. Enjoy knowing you helped destroy a family. Enjoy a piece of trash. you re just as bad as he is since you know about me. about his kids. and my dear (removed) at twitter? I hope when you get pregnant and you will cause that how it is you know he will do to you what he did to me. Stripes don't changes and the money he owes your dad and brother is legit gone . He owes me about 8 grand for bailing his ass out of jail and paying dmv fines cause I loved him so much. Ladies, get both sides of the story before you decide to go in with a man who claims he and his woman are on the fritz.


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