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Posted : 28 Sep ,2016 by    jaysunat




Please be aware of this company! This home warranty company will tell you the world to get you to sign up then take your money. I sigend up with this company and paid over fifty dollars a month to give me a piece of mind if a have a major failures in my home. This warranty company advertises home warranties to cover almost every part of your home. However, when filing a claim they will fail to honor it.

1. After paying for the warranty for a decent amount of time I had an electrical issue. I called, placed a claim, and was told an electrician would contact me. It never happened. They sent me several electrician contact numbers who lines had been disconnected. I finally got through to one who said they had no idea what I was talking about and never heard of this company. RED FLAG!!!!! I contacted the company back and they said find my own electrician and they would reimburse me. Yeah Right I'm not dumb! I ended up fixing the problem my self since it took over two weeks to get a response. I was concerned for a fire hazard. Thank you Select Home Warranty

2. My most recent experience was last month. I had a plumbing leak in my wall and could not find exactly where it was coming from. It wasn't an emegrency leak but enought to keep my bathroom floor wet. I once again contacted Select Home Warranty, placed a claim, and waited for a plumber to conatact me. It took over a week and two plumbers later but one finnally showed up. I paid him my sixty dollar co-pay/ service fee. He was their for fifteen minutes and said the leak is coming from the bath tub overflow. I never heard from the plummer again. I called and left several messages. Finally after two and a half weeks later the plummer contacted the warranty company with their diagnosis. The warranty company wanted me to submit pictures of the bath tub which I did promptly. They called me back the next day and said they would cover the thirty five dollar part to fix the bath tub but would not cover the $2,500.00 dollar labor fee!!!!!!! I said are you serious $2,500 dollars to remove a standard bath tub and place the same one back in? They said they dont cover labor costs and it is in the policy. I have combed over the policy and did not find anything that says they do not cover plumbing labor costs. Instead it says it will cover all plumbing leaks exept roots causing damage. Both the plummer and the warranty company are scamming me for money. I could have the tub out myself in less than an hour.

I subsequently selected and had my own plummer come out and gave me a different diagnosis which is not the bath tub. Thanks again Select Home Warranty. I was about to drop $2,500 dollars for no reason.

3. After being jerked around for nearly a month I had had enough. I told them they are stealing from me by taking my money and not providing the service the promised in my policy. I demanded a refund and was denied. I asked how is it fair that I pay over fifty dollars a month and paid a sixty dollar service fee for them to only cover a thrity five dollar part. that makes no sense at all.

Please stay away from Select Home Warranty!!!!! They will take your money and not provide the service requested. I spoke with many customer reps and their supervisor Jermel who is a lying jerk. All I wanted was just a refund.

Sincerely, Jason


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