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Posted : 10 Apr ,2015 by    Dacybups



Took vehicle in for a specific service repair and came out with related and unrelated problems of the above. I took my vehicle in to be service due to my engine light was on. Prior to taking it to be service I had it diagnosed at an auto part store, which was the code P0141 (Oxygen Sensor). I was advised by a friend (former service advisory at another business) to take it to the dealership for repair and not an independent shop that specializes in Honda vehicles. I chose this location because I was planning on getting my car inspected and going to DMV, which was on the same road. However, after installation of the oxygen sensor, I was told I had to drive a good amount so the computer can reset itself. Prior to the completion of the oxygen sensor, I was advised and shown that I had a small tear in my induction tube that leads to the air filter, and that I also needed spark plugs. I informed the advisory that I had had my spark plugs service and was up-to-date on all service. At that point, I started to question why was the service tech looking at other parts of my vehicle as I was not informed that they would be doing a 40 point inspection. Had I been asked I would have said "No" because I always have problems with my suspension performance after those inspections. I assumed that looking at the engine and filter was connected to the oxygen sensor. I agreed for repair of induction tube. The oxygen sensor induction tube cost me $364.73. When I proceeded to leave the shop, I noticed my vehicle was sitting a little lower and as I proceeded to drive, wheels wobbling/bouncing, steering wheel turning on without help from me and suspension loose. I did not go back as I wanted to make sure of what I was experiencing as I could not believe it. I proceeded to drive my vehicle so the computer could register for my inspection/tag. I looked at my service invoice and saw that they had noted on the Multi-Point Vehicle Health Check that I needed spark plug, power steering flush and brake fluid flush. The next day when I proceeded to crank my vehicle, my steering wheel jumped at me. When I put my vehicle in reverse I heard a popping and whining noise. I didn't want to believe what I was experiencing; however, I had not choice. I was angry at myself for taking the advise from a friend to go to dealership, and to visit the present business a second time. I drove for a week to see if the problem would go away or be there to be duplicated when I took it back in to be checked. I called on Friday, July 5, and made an appointment for Monday, July 8, with the prior service advisory. I gave all of the above details to the person I spoke with. I would like for them to take responsibility for the performance of my vehicle as I stated to the advisory that if those problems were there when I came in for repair of the oxygen sensor, I would have most definitely asked for it to be looked at and repaired. I have taken very good care of my vehicle and have received all the maintenance when needed. I am the only driver of my vehicle and most definitely would know when there is a malfunction involving my vehicle.

Scott Clark Honda
7001 E Independence Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28227-9420
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