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Scott Bergevin of American Canyon


Posted : 9 Apr ,2014 by    Alice Swadner



Hi Kevin Green. Let's get your name out there,too, since you are so unafraid to use others information. Keep it up. I too can trace IP addresses. Since you have one restraining order, maybe you would like another? I can find you. I am not afraid of you or your cronies. Shall I out them, too? Yes, my name is Alice Swadner. My e-mail is [email protected] Anyone can look at REAL public records and find out Scott's history, or mine. Have at it. I too can save computer posts, IP addresses and find out where YOU are. Careful boy. You might have pick the wrong girl to harass. I might be fat, but I am not stupid. I will take you to court...and win. And wait until those internet posts appear.


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