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Posted : 19 Dec ,2013 by    ScamAttorney



Alton Law Center run by RYAN WEST, RYAN BROWN, REAL NAME IS RYAN MCCAULEY.. If you look at this link provided and search by business owner name and use " Ryan Mccauley" you'll see he is the business owner of this scam company. In order to run a law center or practice loss mitigation service and take upfront fee's in non SB 94 compliant states you need to be either a license attorney or have your NLMS aka mortgage brokers license, Ryan McCauley has neither. He will take your money and run and will virtually tell you anything that he has to to save your house. He operates under several different names but the true point is that this guy has no true experience with loan modifications nor the proper licensing to charge up front fee's and do any type of consultations for loss mitigation services. It's just another loan modification scam. If you are scammed by this guy just contact the California Attorney General Dan Brown and file a direct complaint using Ryan McCauley's name and let the court of law deal with this guy. This guy is also a drug addict who smoke crystal meth and has had past DUI's on his record which can be searched and verified on, Don't take my word for, try this guy's services out and when you lose your house and he's spent your money and has no money to refund you then you'll see what I mean. Not that you can actually get through to this guy through his direct phone number that's listed on his website or on the direct mail postcard that you receive, he's probably still sleeping because he stayed up for weeks at a time high on drugs. This guy also operates out of his Mom's apartment in Costa Mesa at the age of 32 years old, haha another reason why you shouldn't trust your property with someone who can't even afford his own or any other part of his life. Hope this helps!!! And last thing HUD (housing Urban Development) has free services to help aid in loan modifications as well as other mortgage solutions, then to pay someone who can pretty much only ask the bank to give you a loan modification (nothing you can't do already), because ultimately it is up to the bank whether or not you get one, having someone else ask for you is rediculous especially when he's not even a license professional and has numerous criminal charges against him, if you want an attorney then consult with someone locally, not someone who uses a fake name and you can't even see or verify that he's providing you with real services!!

Alton Law Center
Ryan's Mom's House
United States
Phone: 7145521904 or 8009648520


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