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Posted : 20 Sep ,2013 by    confused



Filed for debt consolidation got a measly 172 dollars refund after paying over 2,000 dollars I was having trouble with debt so me and my family decided to try debt consolidation with a company here in San Diego turns out the company is really in Florida. Every month we had to pay $696.72 and creditors were supposed to stop calling, but they didnt after 3 months of this we got tired of this and cancelled with them in person. They said in about 2 weeks we will be receiving a refund of the money we paid the total amount after 3 months was $2,090.76. Today i got home and got a check from them of 172 dollars. I went to talk to them in person and they basically said the amount i got is all i will get even after having paid over 2,000 dollars they refuse to repay me at least half of that amount. We expected to be paid at least 1,700 but to our surprise they refuse to pay anything back. We have fallen way behind on our bills and I was going to use that money to file for bankruptcy, but now i don't have anything. I truly find this unfair and unethical and definitely un-American to cheat us of the money we paid.

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