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Posted : 5 Sep ,2012 by    Rachel Jones



My families doberman Max was part of our family for 17 years and passed away in August of 2012. We went San Diego Pet Memorial Park to have viewing and buried at San Diego Pet Memorial Park . We paid for the whole thing with our money that we didn't have to pay for the services. My dad was laid off for 3 months at the time and our money was really tight, but Max deserved to be given the best. We had paid for the plot, the head stone and the casket with Maxs body. The whole family, adults and kids went to the viewing to pay our last respects to poor Max, and I was total disbelief when when I went to walk up to the casket, I discovered that Max was not there but instead there laid a dead Pit bull. I talked to a man named Mick Palermo about what I discovered, and he appologized for the mistake, and he said he would personally find out what happen to Max and be in touch with me. Well that was in August and here it is almost December 2012 and we have not heard anything from these people. They have not responded to any phones calls or emails that I have sent them. I am really hurt because they have not found Max and my family is out of alot of money to end up with just a empty hole at the park.

Mick Palermo
San Diego Pet Memorial Park
8995 Crestmar Pt
San Diego, CA 92121


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