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Posted : 2 May ,2013 by    Valerie Caffrey



I had a dog named Axel, he was a mix of German Sheperd and Collie. He was the most loving dog that anyone could ever ask for. I had him trained to bring me my newspaper and slippers when I came in from work. Axel was always right by my side from the time I got home. All the neighborhood kids always came over to play with him. Well a month ago he had passed away and I had went to San Diego Pet Memorial Park to have him buried. I talked to a man named Mick, and he assured me that everything would be taken care of. I ordered the headstone to read Axel, the greatest pet anyone could have. When I went to his grave, the tombstone read Lex and not Axel. I also paid to have a picture of him and me on the tombstone, instead there was a picture of chow. I went to Mick about it, and he stated that they would not correct it unless I was willing to pay an extra $300 for a new one to be made.

I am saddened I feel like I let Axel down, and that I will never be able to live with this. Do not have any dealings with these people, I believe that they are just in it to take advantage of people.

San Diego Pet Memorial Park
8995 Crestmar Pt
San Diego, CA 92121


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