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Posted : 18 Feb ,2014 by    Regretful Ex Employee



I am ex employee exposing the truth about San Diego Pet Memorial Park. I worked for San Diego Pet Memorial Park for 10 years. He orders all his gravestones and pet caskets from china then he will charges his customers full price. San Diego Pet Memorial Park would charge families to cremate family pet dogs. I have to tell my story because San Diego Pet Memorial Park would sell families plots to have their pets buried, but truth be told, the only thing in the plot is a head stone with the pets name on it. In actuality San Diego Pet Memorial Park would sell the pet and take and send the remains to China to make a profit. The place who bought the remains turned around and made things such as cheap coats, scarfs, etc, which in turn sold the cheap stores to places here in the United States such as Family Dollar and General Dallar. I left San Diego Pet Memorial Park when I started to feel guilty of lying to the families of a lost pet over the years. San Diego Pet Memorial Park would only send large dogs remains, and any small dogs remains were poured into trash bags and tossed into the trash dumpster outside. These people are crooked and they take advantage of families who want to have memories of their pet. 75 Percent of the plots are nothing but the head stones and no pets. I feel bad that I see families come out to visit their pets graves and them not knowing that their pets are not under the ground. San Diego Pet Memorial Park would sell the same pet casket over and over to unsuspecting families. San Diego Pet Memorial Park of a pet crematorium needs to be investigated for the improper disposal of family pets. Sadly, this is the cost of exposing the truth

Whatever you do when you want a pet cremated deal with any other pet cremortory then San Diego Pet Memorial Park

I can not right the wrong I had done to the families whos pet I was directly responsible for creamating, but I hope to keep this from happening to anyone else.

A regretful former pet cremater

San Diego Pet Memorial Park
8995 Crestmar Pt
San Diego, CA 92121


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  Feb 26, 2014 By     Lisa Meeks

Attitude : Neutral

I just found this complaint that my dog boomer that recently died may not have been bury at this place. discarded into a dumpster headed for a landfill. I am going out there next week and I will dig my dog coffin up to see if he is in the ground. This is disgusting and I am so furious about this that words escape me...I will update you all when I get done with this case

  Feb 19, 2014 By     Roberto Hernandez

Attitude : Neutral

I was in total shock when i found all these complaints on Complaints Bureau about San Diego Pet Memorial Park. I went to these people when my pet died. My 5 year old German sheperd rex was hit by a car and killed. I paid a good amount of money to have him cremated and buried at the cemetary. I am going to see about having his grave opened up, and these bastards better hope that I find rexs remains there, or these people will have serious consequences.

  Feb 20, 2014 By     Scott Henderson

Attitude : Neutral

OMG....Sorry to you all for this..May God bless you all

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