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Posted : 2 Jan ,2014 by    concerned animal lover



Sadly, this breeder in Virginia sells very sick cats. The complaints I have heard and experienced myself are that they come with virus', ear infections, fleas and are full of tapeworm. You can expect to pay $500-$1000 on vet bills on top of what she charges for her kittens. Harrisonburg SPCA has had multiple complaints about the condition of her cats and their health. Call them for verification. Their number is 540-434-5270. Her cats and kittens receive no vet care. They aren't even ever seen by a vet!! From another buyer who I spoke too, she has so many cats and kittens she cant remember who gets what kitten and will then make up a lie about why she doesn't have the cat you thought you were getting and why you should take the one she has. Donna Sacra leads people to believe that she sells cats for charity but no charities that are actually "real" in the area of her "charity" can find her. She does this so your heart strings get pulled and you buy her cats. Her cats are not the purebred cats she says they are. She is breeding a long haired Siamese with a short haired snowshoe and calling it a Balinese. She told a breeder that I spoke to that she used a Norwegian Forest "looking" cat to add lynx to her lines, That was a stray cat. So her kittens are coming from at least one mother who is a mixed cat and is not the purebred cat she claims to have. The kittens and cats are not registered. How do you know that what you are buying is purebreed as her website claims if she doesn't have registration papers for her cats? Support the breed, if you really care and you want to save yourself a lot of heart ache and money, think twice before you work with her.


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  Aug 4, 2015 By     Nannabean

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