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Posted : 12 Feb ,2017 by    helenpena1234



Me husband and I purchased a timeshare in Royal Holiday. We were told all these lies about rental income and no maintenance fees. they took advantages of us. They got us drunk in order to force us to sign the contract We were victims of fraud, misrepresentation. We tried to cancel, but unfortunately we were told we cant cancel because of the 5 day period It destroyed our credit report, made it impossible to move forward with our lives. This whole experience had been a nightmare. we had tried everything

Looking to rid ourselves of it we found Mexican Timeshare Solution to be the only company that didn't charge an upfront fee. Our main expectation had been to cancel the timeshare and avoid paying more in maintenance fees over the next 30 years. They sent us documentation from the Mexican court that our timeshare was revoked. We are so relieved.

My recommendation is NEVER buy a timeshare and before signing READ the contract, NEVER believe what they say verbally.


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